About Film in Revolt

Film in Revolt aims to

  • Reshape the narrative about what youth want from cinema
  • Create a platform for young creatives  (aged 13 – 18 years) to express and explore the film landscape
  • Establish a  diverse youth committee to drive and create content and form a key resource for their community that is original, authentic and meaningful
  • Provide remuneration for creative work produced
  • Provide opportunities to work alongside industry professionals and networking with like minded peers
  • Create cultural/film events with the committee that inform and inspire the youth community in Australia
  • Film in Revolt is committed to creating an inclusive community encouraging gender and cultural diversity and collaborating with teenagers from every corner of Australia

Our aims will evolve with input from our youth committee.  

Film in Revolt will be supported by a team with a background in screen education, film festivals and arts administration.

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