Review: Ali’s Wedding / Arab Film Festival / Bill

Ali’s Wedding, from director Jeffrey Waters, is Australia’s first Muslim rom-com, and a very good one at that. It tells the true story of the co-writer and star of the film, Osamah Sami,specifically of a chain of events that began from one spectacular lie.

Ali (played by Sami) is a first generation migrant from Iraq, who, while being very charming, is disappointed by way things are turning out for him. He’s also desperate to impress his dad, and to do better than his mechanic brother, who’s seen as a bit of a failure in the eyes of the community.

So after receiving an extremely disappointing entrance exam test score for medical school, he decides to fake it till he makes it. Comedy ensues.

Ali’s Wedding has everything you’d expect from a rom-com of any kind – awkward misunderstandings, a girl out of his league, a rush to airport ending and the like, but the Muslim community angle is one we haven’t really seen before, which makes it makes a nice change from most other films of the genre.

Something to note is the acting. You can’t really help but love the characters, especially the two leads. Helena Sawires shines as Dianne, the woman Ali falls for, and Sami wins you over instantly.

Highly recommended.

Ali’s Wedding is screening at the Arab Film Festival.


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